Des & Fredrick | Maternity and Newborn

It’s funny how when I go out on a shoot, ready to experiment and take risks I find my groove. I loved both of these shoots, and both were ones that I did with the intention of trying something new. The maternity shoot was out at my grandparents farm and was styled by my cousin Kirsten. Out on the dock with the colors from the sky and Des looking as stunning as she is I knew I’d love these. We wanted them to be a little more organic and raw, saturated with color and feeling.

The newborn session was also a little experiment for me. I shoot a lot of newborns and sometimes when you do something over and over it gets routine. I wanted to do something that I wouldn’t do… not pose. I wanted to just let little man do his thing, and while we did move him around, set his hands away from his face, and pose that last one at the end… mostly I just let him fall asleep when he wanted and shoot around it. I wanted to focus on the emotional connection between momma and son, and I’m really happy with the results.

I shot at a very wide aperature for a lot of these, which meant that I also messed a lot up… but for me, that’s what makes my heart sing. I don’t care that much that some aren’t technically correct… because they convey emotion and love and connection.

It’s days like these that remind me how truly blessed I am to have been given this passion that I’m lucky enough to have turned into a business.

Thanks Des, Kirsten and little man Fredrick for letting me play.


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